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  • $14,000.00
  • 0 beds, 0 baths160 Sq Ft
  • Traditional Trailer
  • This shell is ready to be finished! It's 20' long with a 7' sleeping loft and storage loft. Room for bathroom, kitchen, and large living area. Check out our ...
  • $20,000.00
  • 0 beds, 0 baths118 Sq Ft
  • Traditional Trailer
  • 118 sq.ft + 42 sq.ft sleeping loft, one side redwood, three side sheet metal, designed to accommodate a 32 in. x 5.5 ft bath and a 4 ftx 6’10” bedroom, kitchen ...
  • $37,000.00
  • 0 beds, 1 bath160 Sq Ft
  • Traditional Trailer
  • This house features an inverted loft where the bed is stored under the kitchen and is pulled out when needed. When pushed in it acts as a couch for relaxing ...
  • $27,000.00
  • 0 beds, 1 bath96 Sq Ft
  • Traditional Trailer
  • This house is 12' long making it extremely easy to move around The entrance to the house is situated at the back of the trailer where you enter into a ...

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