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  • $3,900.00
  • 0 beds, 0.5 baths55 Sq Ft
  • Site Built
  • Quaint and whimsical tiny home, made of reclaimed, rough hewn barn wood. Can be transported with some effort. Home has a sink, place for a small bed, little ...
  • $21,500.00
  • 0 beds, 1 bath192 Sq Ft
  • Traditional Trailer
  • This is our second tiny house. The first one was 350 sq. ft. built on our property for my mother in law. We call this smaller version our “backyard bunkie”. It ...
  • $34,000.00
  • 0 beds, 1 bath160 Sq Ft
  • Traditional Trailer
  • *** Reduced (was $37,000)! Making room for new models *** This house features an inverted loft where the bed is stored under the kitchen and is pulled out ...
  • $24,000.00
  • 0 beds, 1 bath96 Sq Ft
  • Traditional Trailer
  • *** Reduced (was $27,000)!!! Trying to make room for new models *** This house is 12' long making it extremely easy to move around The entrance to the ...

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