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  • $65,000.00
  • 1 bed, 1 bath270 Sq Ft
  • Traditional Trailer
  • Must sell our THOW and including everything in it! all furniture, chairs, bed, sofa, pillows, towels and bed sheets, place setting for 4, wine glasses, etc. ...
  • $14,000.00
  • 0 beds, 0 baths160 Sq Ft
  • Traditional Trailer
  • This house is sold, but we can make you a new one! This shell is ready to be finished! It's 20' long with a 7' sleeping loft and storage loft. Room for ...
  • $34,000.00
  • 0 beds, 1 bath160 Sq Ft
  • Traditional Trailer
  • *** Reduced (was $37,000)! Making room for new models *** This house features an inverted loft where the bed is stored under the kitchen and is pulled out ...
  • $24,000.00
  • 0 beds, 1 bath96 Sq Ft
  • Traditional Trailer
  • *** Reduced (was $27,000)!!! Trying to make room for new models *** This house is 12' long making it extremely easy to move around The entrance to the ...

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